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2 minutes to read Posted on Thursday August 11, 2022

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

portrait of Gina van der Linden

Gina van der Linden

Senior Event Manager , Europeana Foundation

portrait of Tamara van Hulst

Tamara van Hulst

Events Coordinator , Europeana Foundation

Secure your ticket for Europeana 2022 - making digital culture count

Ticket sales for Europeana 2022, taking place on 28 - 30 September, are now open! This year we’ve refreshed our conference format and you are able to choose between attending in The Hague, or online, selecting the experience that suits you best. Read on to find out more about your options, and join us for three days of all things digital cultural heritage. 

Logo: 2022 Europeana 2022 Making Digital Culture Count 28 - 30 September Hybrid
Europeana 2022
Europeana Foundation

The annual Europeana conference is one of the leading events for people working with, in and around digital cultural heritage. Last year over 1,600 people from 86 countries registered for our annual conference, and we can’t wait to welcome you back for Europeana 2022. Over three days we will explore the opportunities and challenges facing our sector, give voice to cultural heritage experts and provide plenty of opportunities for you to network and make new connections. This year you can join us in The Hague, or online. Read on to find out more about the options available to you, and what to expect at the conference.  

The Data space, storytelling and EuropeanaTech

Europeana 2022 will offer the opportunity to discuss and hear from experts on some of the biggest topics in digital cultural heritage today. We have an exciting three days of exploration planned. 

In the coming years, the development of a number of European data spaces will boost the movement of information across Europe, enabling different sectors to connect, create, improve and thrive. At Europeana, we are excited to start exploring how we can build the common European data space for cultural heritage and day one of Europeana 2022 will highlight the fantastic opportunities it presents. Join to find out what a data space means in practice and for Europeana as we know it. Gain a wider understanding of data spaces overall and where Europeana and the data space for cultural heritage fits into that picture. Discover practical examples of the opportunities for engagement, funding, learning and creation the data space can offer and how we can collectively use this to promote the meaningful use of cultural heritage data in society.

Join us on day two to explore stories, culture and society. At Europeana we often talk about putting digital cultural heritage to good use in the world - we want it to bring communities together, to foster shared identities, to create connections. On day two we’ll hear from people who are doing just that - using shared cultures and their own storytelling expertise to bring people together, to experience a sense of connection and co-creation, and to make difficult things a little easier to talk about. 

And finally on day three we will hear from EuropeanaTech on how technology paves the way to digital inclusion and cultural heritage preservation. Learn from experts about the technical aspects of digitisation and conservation of cultural heritage worldwide. Discover new initiatives and developments in technologies, hot topics and areas in R&D, questions around the digital divide and other socio-economic perspectives, and opportunities for collaboration.

There will be opportunities to interact with each other, for you to ask questions, and to share your thoughts about the topics of each day.

A hybrid experience

In designing Europeana 2022 we have built on the experiences of our previous two digital conferences and are looking to explore new models for our annual conference that better reflect the world we live in. Our aim is to ensure we provide a rewarding and fulfilling experience regardless of how you choose to participate, so this year we’ve designed two different experiences for you to choose which one suits you best.

Our morning sessions will see keynotes and panels from some of the leading thinkers and doers in the sector. These sessions will be open to all, equally accessible whether you are in The Hague, watching from your home or in the office with your colleagues. In the afternoon sessions will be split between on-site and online, and guests who join in The Hague will also get opportunities to network and socialise.

We are looking forward to seeing an exciting mix of cultural heritage practitioners at the conference, and encourage both those new to the sector - including students - and a regular at Europeana events to join us and connect.

Secure your place now

You have two options to book your ticket;

  1.  Do you want to attend online?  That’s free to everyone and tickets are unlimited! Register now for your free online ticket.

  2. Do you want to join in on-site? Early bird tickets are now sold out, with remaining tickets priced at 180 euros, with a 50% discount (90 euros) for members of the Europeana Network Association. There are only a small number of tickets still available to attend in person, so book now to secure your place!

Are you a member of the Europeana Network Association and wish to attend the Europeana 2022 in the Hague but would need financial support? Europeana 2022 does not offer reimbursement of travel costs, however, ENA is offering 25 Members Grants to support attendance of the conference in person in the Hague. If you would like to be considered for support, you need to have been an ENA member on or before 27 July 2022 and make sure you indicate this when booking your ticket.