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2 minutes to read Posted on Tuesday September 20, 2016

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Searching Europeana's fashion content

How to search the designer, item type, technique and colour using the Europeana API

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Search Europeana Fashion content using the Europeana API

We’ve brought together some information to help you make the most of using the Europeana API to retrieve Europeana Fashion content. See below for guidance on how to use specific search filters to find information not available on the Europeana search, such as the designer, item type, technique and colour.

Fashion Thematic Collection APIs

Europeana Fashion Collections are powered by the Europeana Search API. This document describes which API queries and logic are applied in order to retrieve fashion items and data.

References you need in addition to this document are the API documentation pages as well as the data fields page which holds detailed information on all scripts.


In order to retrieve all items from the Europeana Fashion Collections, the query sent to the API needs to limit the search results to those coming from the Europeana Fashion provider:
/search.json?wskey=xxxxx&query=PROVIDER:"Europeana Fashion"

Filters (facets)

The items from Europeana Fashion hold very specific and contextual information related to the subject of Fashion. This information can be faceted and filtered on:


Field in search

Field in record

Additional logic




Designer labels are appended with " (Designer)"

Item type



Labels are prepended with "Object Type: "




Labels are prepended with "Technique: "




Labels are prepended with "Color: "

In order to include filters (facets) for all these fields in a search, the following query can be used:
/search.json?wskey=xxxxx&query=PROVIDER:"Europeana Fashion"&profile=facets&facet=proxy_dc_creator,proxy_dc_type.en,proxy_dc_format.en

To search on a specific field, the following query can be used:
/search.json?wskey=xxxxx&query=PROVIDER:"Europeana Fashion"&qf=proxy_dc_type.en:"Object Type: fashion photograph"

Note that when using proxy_dc_format or proxy_dc_type for search or faceting, one has to include the language as well since these labels are available in more than one language. This works with or etc.

When constructing a filter (facet) with a listing of item types, techniques, colours or designers, the client application has to apply additional logic to only display the labels where the "Additional logic" is applied, e.g. only display creators where the label is appended with " (Designer)".

If you have any more questions, get in touch via our API forum.