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2 minutes to read Posted on Friday May 25, 2018

Updated on Friday July 13, 2018

portrait of Beth Daley

Beth Daley

Editorial Adviser , Europeana Foundation

portrait of Valentina Bachi

Valentina Bachi

Contact point for Photoconsortium , Photoconsortium - International Consortium for Photographic Heritage

Photoconsortium conference on win-win collaborations

This public conference on 12 June (10:00-13:00) will focus on 'digital cultural heritage as a lab for fostering win-win collaboration between the public and the private sector'.


The PHOTOCONSORTIUM half-day conference will take place at the Santa Mònica Art Centre in Barcelona.

What is Photoconsortium?

Photoconsortium - International Consortium for Photographic Heritage is a not-for-profit association concerned with the promotion and enhancement of the culture of photography and photographic heritage.

It was funded in 2014 by the consortium of partners of the Europeana Photography project, with the aim of maintaining the network, services and expertise developed in the project beyond the end of its EC funding period. Since then, the network of Photoconsortium members has grown with new associates and followers who are eager to participate in the Europeana experience. 

Photoconsortium is now the expert on photography for Europeana, and curates the Europeana Photography thematic ollection, which contains over two million high-quality images and invites visitors to explore its treasures through search and browse, or via curated features, from predefined queries and blog posts, to picture galleries and large-scale exhibitions.

Photoconsortium is also partnering with Europeana on the Europeana Migration collection, which brings together digital collections dedicated to the theme of migration to, from and within Europe, sourced from both cultural heritage institutions and the public. 

On the agenda...

  • Fred Truyen, Photoconsortium president, will present 'The road from object to story: metadata as a gateway to unlocking digital heritage.
  • Sofie Taes, curator, will present Photoconsortium's collections found in Europeana thematic collections - Europeana Photography and Europeana Migration.
  • Antonella Fresa, Photoconsortium vice president will then talk about EU funding for digital cultural heritage and how to succeed in a European project.
  • Douglas McCarthy, Collections Manager at Europeana, will outline the collaborative and promotional opportunities of publishing in Europeana. 

The conference ends with a panel discussion on experiences of collaboration, sustainability and best practices for photographic heritage and new technologies.

Find out more

More information about the event can be found on the Photoconsortium blog.

Explore half a million photographs from Photoconsortium in Europeana Collections.