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2 minutes to read Posted on Tuesday May 31, 2016

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Never mind those other elections!

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Europeana governance structure
Elco van Staveneren
Europeana Foundation

Our Members Council, the heart of the Europeana Network Association
In 2015, we transformed the Europeana Network into the Europeana Network Association, a democratic, transparent organisation to represent the interests of all individuals who work with or contribute to Europeana and support the Europeana Commons principles. The Europeana Network Association currently represents 1,417 members (May 2016).

The Network Association elects a Members Council every year and this year we have 30 councillors in total. All of them play a critical role across Europeana’s activities, from prioritising issues in the Business Plan, to setting the agenda for our annual conference.

The Members Council meets 3 times a year and act as both the voice of Europeana for the cultural sector, as well as champions of Europeana Association to the network. The Members Council represents the many diverse communities involved in Europeana, including: Tech, IPR, Data providers and Aggregators, Digital Cultural Heritage professionals, Creative re-users, Research and so on.

23 available seats
The Members Council is elected for a period of two years and this year 23 councillors will have served the Association for two years. This means that at least 23 seats will be open for renewal at the 2016 elections at the Europeana Network Association AGM on November 8th and 9th in Riga, Latvia. We will invite Association members who want to be considered for the Members Council to come forward and present their manifestos in the Autumn.

They’ll then be campaigning hard to win support until the voting begins on 8 November at the AGM in Riga. And whilst you are deciding who to back, you’ll be able to follow their campaigns via our Europeana LinkedIn group and by keeping an eye on the hashtag #EuropeanaElects. Once voting opens at the AGM, you’ll be able to cast your vote online. And you’ll have a week to choose your preferred candidates.

And a new Management Board...
To oversee the work of the Members Council, the Councillors will also elect a renewed Management Board. The Management Board is responsible for ensuring that we are all working towards achieving our objectives, as well as providing direct input into the governance of the Europeana Foundation. Note that the 6 Management Board representatives also sit on Europeana Governing Board - See graph above.

Join the conversation on Twitter via #EuropeanaElects