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2 minutes to read Posted on Monday March 23, 2020

Updated on Monday March 23, 2020

portrait of Ash Marriott

Ash Marriott

Former Product Owner Collections , Europeana Foundation

portrait of Douglas McCarthy

Douglas McCarthy

Collections Engagement Manager , Europeana Foundation

Introducing the new Europeana collections website

We are excited to introduce the updated Europeana collections website to you. We’re confident you’ll find it faster, more discoverable and more accessible than ever before.

main image

Title: Screenshot from the Europeana collections website

Date: March 2020

Institution: Europeana Foundation

Country: The Netherlands


A faster website

Our new platform provides you with a faster experience, giving you more efficient access to the wealth of cultural heritage in Europeana. A great example of this is our updated search page which no longer requires a refresh between keyword or filter changes, making your online experience up to four times faster than before.

Discover more

The new Europeana offers many more ways to browse and discover exciting content. Our new entity-powered collections make it easy to explore your subject interests and discover new material. We have also expanded our filtering options to these collections to help you find the content that you are looking for more quickly.

Engaging editorial

Over the past decade, Europeana and its partners have published a vast array of blogs, galleries and exhibitions on a wide range of subjects. Our new website makes it easier than ever before to explore and enjoy this material.

We’re creating dedicated online resources on topics like women’s history and art nouveau, and we’ll be adding many more soon. So why not start browsing today?

Title: Screenshot from the Europeana collections website

Date: March 2020

Institution: Europeana Foundation

Country: The Netherlands


Learning resources for teachers

An exciting feature of the new site is its dedicated space for teachers. From ready-made learning scenarios to MOOCs, from to apps to GIF tutorials, Europeana Classroom offers a wide variety of resources and tools to help educators bring cultural heritage into their teaching.

Looking ahead

In the coming months we will introduce further improvements to the website. We’ll continue to develop our newspapers collection and aim to introduce a function that allows you to search within individual newspaper issues on a per-issue basis, as well as highlight the number of results and individual pages where your keyword surfaces.

We will also extend our entity collections beyond topics to people, once we’ve established stronger and more useful relationships between the many thousands of artists, musicians, engineers and historical figures described in Europeana.

We hope you enjoy our new website, and we welcome your feedback to help us make it an even better experience.