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2 minutes to read Posted on Friday August 3, 2018

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

portrait of Julia Fallon

Julia Fallon

Community and Partner Engagement Manager , Europeana Foundation

portrait of Zuzana Malicherova

Zuzana Malicherova

Network and Policy officer , Europeana Foundation

Introducing the Copyright Community

If you’re interested in keeping up with how copyright works in the cultural heritage sector, or want to learn from best practices and even share your own, the Copyright Community is for you!

Falbalas et Fanfreluches. Almanach des modes... Mlle Sorel au bal du grand prix | George Barbier,1923 , CC BY.
Falbalas et Fanfreluches. Almanach des modes... Mlle Sorel au bal du grand prix
George Barbier
Victoria and Albert Museum
United Kingdom

Copyright is a complex topic but an essential one to broach for digital cultural heritage professionals. Establishing a working knowledge of copyright helps organisations, teams and individuals make decisions about the objects they manage... What permissions do they have to share an object? Does copyright even apply to their object? How do they want people to reuse their object?  

Mastering copyright is made even more challenging due to the scattered, out-of-date or missing tools and resources that could help. And through our experiences working with copyright issues at Europeana, we know that this is a long-term challenge.

To help the Europeana Network Association develop a better understanding and working practice around copyright issues, we launched the Copyright Community.  

Planning the community at the Members Council Meeting
Planning the community at the Members Council Meeting
Julia Fallon
June 2017
Europeana Foundation
The Netherlands
Planning the community at the Members Council Meeting

Birth of the community

The aim of the newly born Copyright Community is to cultivate knowledge, experience, and good practice around copyright and digital cultural heritage. It should be a space where members can discuss their issues, learn from and advise each other, and compare and share best practices. In this way, they can better understand and apply the copyright laws and issues that affect them and their institutions.  

A community of people is stronger than an individual. So, what does the community offer its members?

  • Representation and empowerment of CHIs and professionals at EU level when advocating for EU reforms, and influencing developments in the IPR domain related to digital cultural heritage.

  • Information and consultation on relevant developments related to IPR and Europeana - including success stories - through regular newsletters and Pro News articles. We also provide access to all our available resources, tools and training material.

  • Active involvement and collaboration with you to ensure your concerns and advice are addressed, reflected and applied in formulating solutions. We set up virtual and physical meetings and events where you can actively participate.

Who are the 156 people that have signed up for the community from around the world? They are the Europeana Network Association members with a working or technical knowledge about copyright laws (or a desire to learn more): curators, librarians, archivists, publishers, copyright professionals, academics and students. Some are interested in opening up their collections and would like to know more about the implementation of the Europeana Licensing Framework, while others want to stay informed of the progress towards EU Copyright Reform and what it means for cultural heritage institutions.

The community manager is Julia Fallon from the Europeana Foundation, and the community Chair is Paul Keller, representing the Members Council of the Europeana Network Association.

Find out more!

  • Find answers, ask questions, and connect with our community from around the world - it takes only a moment to sign-up!

  • On our website you can find a monthly curated content from Europeana and from the community under one umbrella.

  • Keep an eye on our bi-monthly newsletter that includes latest articles, updates from the community, calls to action and various opportunities to get involved.

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