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2 minutes to read Posted on Monday October 17, 2016

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Fabulous turn-out: 48 candidates in the starting blocks for 2016 MC elections

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the Europeana Network Association’s 2016 elections campaign. Forty-eight candidates stepped forward, and 1,526 Network Association members are invited to vote from November 8 to November 14 at 23:59CET.

As you may remember, in September I invited all registered Network Association members to come forward as candidates for our Members Council. Today, I have the pleasure of introducing the 48 candidates who will be running in this year’s elections, each hoping to win one of 28 available seats.

From Europe and beyond, the group represents a diverse mix of nationalities — and this diversity is reflected in their priorities too. Open Data, audiovisual archives, academic research, multiculturalism: there are plenty of areas these prospective Councillors are ready to get to work on. It’s a testament to the broad range of expertise in our Network Association.

Panneaux électoraux, élections de 1932, National Library of France, Public Domain

So, without further ado, the candidates looking to represent you are:

Georgia Angelaki, Jens Bley, Daniel Borosa, Erik Buelinckx, Olimpia Curta, Nic de Potter, Stuart Dempster, Francesca Di Donato, Khundkar Noor Elahi, Barbara Fischer, Diana Ghiorghies, Karin Glasemann, Sergiu Gordea, Sanja Halling, Gill Hamilton, Susan Hazan, George Homs, Muhamed Jashari, Lizzy Jongma, Max Kaiser, Radka Kalcheva, Julia Katona, Paul Keller, Breandán Knowlton, Vera Kriezi, Jef Malliet, Carl-Niclas Odenbring, Johan Oomen, János Pancza, Artur Povodor, Lars Rogstad, Cristina Roiu, Merete Sanderhoff, Dejan Sandic, Antje Schmidt, Ram Shimony, Maria Silva, Filip Šír, Peter Soemers, Sorina Stanca, Fred Truyen, Nana Tsikhistavi, Joke Van der Leeuw-Roord, Hans van der Linden, Wim van Dongen, Romain Wenz, Uldis Zariņš, Leo Zorc,

You can read more about each of them on our dedicated Candidate Profiles page.

They’ll be campaigning from 17 October onwards to win your support at the launch of the elections during the Europeana Network Association AGM in Riga (register now). While you’re deciding whom to back in the ballots, you’ll be able to follow their campaigns via our Europeana LinkedIn group and by keeping an eye on the hashtag #EuropeanaElects.

Once voting opens at the AGM, you’ll be able to cast your vote online — you’ll have a week to select your preferred candidates. In addition, there is a series of documents related to the Association which you will be asked to vote on: from the Annual and Financial Reports to the plans for next year, and some important amendments to the Statutes.

Best of luck to all the candidates!