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2 minutes to read Posted on Saturday May 24, 2014

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

portrait of Julia Fallon

Julia Fallon

Community and Partner Engagement Manager , Europeana Foundation

portrait of Harry Verwayen

Harry Verwayen

General Director , Europeana Foundation

Europeana strategy 2015-2020, Impact

In order to understand and agree on what success means to us under the new Europeana Strategy 2015-2020, we have researched the ‘impact’ we can expect from Europeana as a Digital Service Infrastructure.

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Three impact perspectives

In this paper we have assessed this first on a qualitative level, that is - when are our stakeholders happy with what we have done? Secondly, on an economic level - what are the expected returns on investment? Finally taking a more holistic, balanced approach, we ask what the desired returns are, taking into consideration the mission and values of Europeana.

While we can’t claim that we have resolved the issues completely, we believe we have developed a framework, a mind-set, which will help us evaluate success and failure in relation to our aims and objectives as an organisation. The paper concludes with a view on the three main areas of impact for Europeana, the desired outcomes of our activities in these areas and a first review of possible performance indicators to measure success.