2 minutes to read Posted on Monday October 24, 2016

Updated on Sunday December 12, 2021


Europeana SPARQL endpoint: live and under a new address

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The Scientists Convention. Famous Scientists gather from Space and Time. 1990. Reel 3-D Enterprises Inc. (Vervaardiger). Museon.

The Europeana SPARQL endpoint, a key service of Europeana’s Linked Open Data (LOD) initiative, is live again. After two years being hosted by Ontotext, for which we feel really grateful, this service has now been moved to our servers under a new address and powered by an open source triple store, Virtuoso. We welcome everyone to try it out and send us feedback to the Europeana LOD group!

Linked Open Data is a way of publishing structured data that allows metadata to be connected and enriched, so that different representations of the same content can be found, and links made between related resources. The described resources are each addressable and dereferenceable by their URIs under the data.europeana.eu namespace. You can learn more with Linked Open Data - What is it? from Europeana on Vimeo (also en Français, auf Deutsch, in Italiano and en Español).

The Europeana SPARQL endpoint is a way for the Linked Open Data of all the Europeana datasets to be explored and queried. It provides a simple, yet flexible, way to query LOD’s heavily interlinked, graph data into normalized, tabular data like the kind you can open up in Excel, making it a powerful tool for digital humanists but also other Cultural Heritage enthusiasts to discover resources on Europeana. The examples section on Pro gives you a glimpse of the queries that the endpoint supports and further reading to get you inspired.