2 minutes to read Posted on Thursday February 26, 2015

Updated on Friday July 13, 2018

Europeana Professional gets a makeover

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Things look a bit different around here as Europeana Professional gets a major makeover. The website was set up in 2007 to support the Europeana Foundation, communicate with the Europeana Network and store and make available documentation such as project reports, business plans, and PR tools. That’s a lot of work for one website to do; you can now find a much improved and well-designed site that works for all of us.

We’d like to thank the Europeana Network for their input into the development of the revamped website. It’s the culmination of nine months of development including lots of your feedback. If you came to the Europeana Network Annual General Meeting in Madrid in October, you’ll have seen the beta version. We’ve made further adaptations since then and we will keep on improving the site in the coming weeks. We’re really excited to find out what you think; let us know through the form at the end of this page.

So, what can you see?

- A clear navigational structure that reflects the Europeana community, whether you’re an individual Europeana Network member, a representative of a cultural institution, or a professional from the creative industries

- A global navigation which unites all of Europeana's products and allows people to navigate easily across our websites

- Clear concise text written especially for the web 

- Improved upcoming events section

- Better social media sharing options on the blog

- No need to log in - all content and documents are public

- Integrated information from the statistics dashboard

- Improved search functionality powered by an integrated google enterprise search

- Responsive design for mobile and tablet users

Dasha Moskalenko, Product Developer of Europeana Professional says: ‘We have made a tremendous effort to improve the Europeana Professional website to match your needs and expectations. We particularly focused on improving the findability of content on the site with a new information and navigation structure based on the primary and secondary calls to action. Every use of the search function will improve it even further as it responds to your input - the more the site is searched, the better the quality of its search results!’

We are interested in your feedback. Take a few minutes to browse through the site and share your opinion through the below form.