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2 minutes to read Posted on Tuesday April 30, 2024

Updated on Tuesday April 30, 2024

portrait of Lorena Aldana

Lorena Aldana

Head of External Relations and Advocacy , Europeana Foundation

portrait of Georgia Evans

Georgia Evans

Senior Editorial Officer , Europeana Foundation

Europeana and partners launch new webpage for the common European data space for cultural heritage

The common European data space for cultural heritage comprises cutting-edge infrastructure, a vibrant community and a suite of products, frameworks and tools which facilitate the open and trustworthy sharing of heritage data across Europe. Discover what the data space has to offer through its new webpage.

Screenshot of the common European data space for cultural heritage
Screenshot of the common European data space for cultural heritage
Ana Moreno
Europeana Foundation

What is the common European data space for cultural heritage?

The common European data space for cultural heritage is a European Union flagship to accelerate the digital transformation of the cultural heritage sector. It offers access to rich, high-quality and multilingual heritage data, as well as digital products which facilitate data sharing, support data reuse and empower professionals to work with and enrich high-quality heritage data.

The data space works to increase participation in Europe's cultural heritage and promotes digital culture as a public good. It offers access to high-quality data, with an emphasis on 3D, and encourages people to reuse it and find new value in it. The data space is built upon 15 years of experience of the Europeana Initiative in technology, data sharing, community building and encouraging reuse .

Together with 13 other data spaces, it’s central in Europe’s ambition for a thriving, data-driven society. We are excited to launch a webpage which offers a gateway into the common European data space for cultural heritage.

What is on the webpage?

The webpage offers an attractive overview of the activities taking place across the data space. Use it to discover the data space in numbers, the partners and organisations behind it, projects which support it and its principal products, developed by the Europeana Initiative. As the data space grows and evolves, the dedicated webpage will continue to be enriched - so stay tuned for fresh updates!

How does the design of the page reflect the data space?

Inspired by the data space’s work to bring together cultural heritage and technology, the page features images from the online collections made available through together with symbols of the digital world. The result is an engaging page which invites audiences to understand and explore the data space, while also representing the values of cultural heritage and technological innovation.

Why has it been released?

The data space offers enormous potential for the cultural heritage sector and Europe’s citizens. Communicating this potential is critical to ensure that the benefits are felt and opportunities seized. The data space webpage is a way to build understanding of the data space, its distinctive features, the partners that make it possible, the role the Europeana Initiative plays in it, as well as opportunities to contribute to and benefit from it.

The webpage also positions the data space alongside Europe’s other leading data spaces, such as the data space for tourism and data space for skills.

Where should I go for information about the data space?

To the new webpage, a designed and curated gateway to the data space!  You can still consult Europeana Pro for resources and tools for the sector, the latest news from the data space, Europeana Initiative and cultural heritage sector, and detailed information about the contractual deployment of the data space.