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Updated on Thursday September 14, 2017

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Nicole McNeilly

Impact Advisor , Europeana Foundation

‘Add culture to your course’ with Eliademy and Europeana Collections

Finnish learning platform Eliademy brings digital art and culture to the classroom

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Imagine using Van Gogh to illustrate your company’s course on health and safety, or Leonardo Da Vinci to inspire your technology class. Eliademy and Europeana began collaborating early in 2017 to help make this vision a reality for educators around the world! From today, educators creating courses on Eliademy can add cultural content sourced from Europeana Collections.

Creating online courses and webinars

The Eliademy e-learning platform allows educators and companies to create rich and live online courses or webinars easily. Thanks to the drive and passion for culture of the founder, Sotiris Makrygiannis, Eliademy have added a search function tool to encourage people to search Europeana Collections for digital cultural heritage to enrich their educational resources.

Screen grab from a trial Europeana course on the Eliademy platform. CC BY-SA.

Encouraging education through technology

Launched in 2013, the Eliademy platform serves 350,000 students, features 70,000 courses and supports 30,000 teachers in 190 countries. It is translated in 11 European languages (32 languages in total) with major markets being Russia, the USA and India. Courses can be made to support learning in all educational contexts, for both formal learning (e.g. in the classroom) and informal and lifelong learning.

Eliademy is committed to democratizing education with technology by making accessible collected digital European cultural artefacts as well as other forms of Open Education Resources (OER), such as 15,000 free audiobooks and 132 free education apps offered in a partnership via Librivox. They are part of the UN Global Compact, and one of the few Elearning companies reporting annually towards the UN Millennium goals. Danny Bennet, Eliademy’s CTO, says ‘We envision a digital classroom, full of the highest form of human intelligence, full of art and culture and we will continue our cooperation in order to achieve this goal’.

This new collaboration also reflects how education is a strong ongoing priority for Europeana. If you are interested in learning more about our partnership working in the educational sector, or how you can use Europeana content in your educational products or platforms, get in touch or browse our website. You can also join and contribute to the Europeana community via our LinkedIn group.