2 minutes to read Posted on Monday May 23, 2016

Updated on Friday July 13, 2018

2016 Heritage in Motion Award winners

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The 4 winners of the Heritage in Motion Awards 2016 have been announced. Recognising digital excellence with collections, this year's awardees are characterised by the impressive scope and ambition of their projects.

Screenshot of a Facebook page for Matilde Paukens, part of Limburg 1914-1918, Small Stories from a Great War

Provincie Limburg from Belgium won the Best Achievement Award with their Limburg 1914-1918, Small Stories from a Great War a multi-channel social media, film and exhibition project. Through a Twitter and Facebook account for Matilde Paukens, a fictitious housemaid working during the 1914-1918 war, we read about her and her loved ones’ lives during the First World War. Hundreds of posts, re-enacted videos and a touring exhibition show the impact of war on daily lives. Truth and fiction are intertwined to dramatic effect in a project that captured the public imagination and impressed the Heritage in Motion Awards 2016 judges.

Other projects to carry off awards were winners of the App for Mobile Devices category, the Virtual Architecture Museum: Russia by Vizerra, This is an app, website and exhibition exploring unrealised architectural projects. Lost buildings found in archival prints and drawings are reimagined in the app in 3D game-like worlds for users to virtually visit.

Winner of the category Websites and Online Content is ArchivPortal - D by Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg, a portal that brings together library and archive collections in one comprehensive searchable interface.

And winner of the Games & Interactive Experiences category is Strong Water: an interactive exploration on the history of the Dutch Waterline by IJsfontijn and Platvorm. An ambitious project at the new Waterline Museum at Fort Vechten telling 300 years of history of the Dutch Waterline defenses. The exhibition contains interactives, games, films, animations, projected faces on felt sculptures and an Oculus Rift adventure experience where users float over a virtual waterline.

Well done to all the winners.