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Portrait of Karin Bredenberg

Karin Bredenberg

Metadata Strategist Sydarkivera Sweden Government

Karin Bredenberg is the metadata strategist at the municipality organisation Sydarkivera. Previously Bredenberg was a Senior Technical Advisor on metadata at the Swedish National Archives. She graduated in Computer Engineering (programming C#) with a BSc at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in 2006. She currently serves as the chair of PREMIS EC and the DILCIS Board, co-chair of TS EAS, as well as a member of the METS Board. Since 2018 Bredenberg has been responsible for specifications in the E-ARK work. She has a special interest in ensuring that what is being created today will be usable in the future; a common analogy she uses is that the Swedish runestones can still be read 1000 years later. We must, therefore, ensure that the same is possible for the information created today. Thus, her work producing specifications based upon international metadata standards for common specifications regarding eArchiving and electronic-records management is an important part of ensuring that the information will be readable in the future.