My formal education consists of several interdisciplinary themes. My MA studies in International Relations have given me a thorough knowledge of understanding the European policies, institutions and the EU legislative framework, at the same time enhancing my methodological research skills. Throughout my second MA in Cultural Heritage, I was critically assessing the international policy frameworks and institutional agendas for the promotion of cultural heritage.

For the past three years, I have been working as an Executive Director in one of the most prominent NGOs in Western Greece in the field of culture and cultural heritage, with a large experience in project management, including planning, design and preparation of cultural activities.

As part of my role as Executive Director, I have cooperated and established a network with various donors, stakeholders, NGOs, universities and municipalities for the organization of cultural projects. Finally, I have implemented 7 accepted projects in the sphere of culture, 4 of which were funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.