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Portrait of Diaa Ahmedien

Diaa Ahmedien

Lecturer Helwan University Academic Research

Diaa Ahmed Mohamed Ahmedien is a lecturer in sciences of visual arts and sciences of New-Media Arts. He is an artist, educator, researcher, and creator to setup systems of artworks, basically depending on the intersection between art, sciences, and technology. His accurate specialization lies in the area of Holography, Interactive arts, Generative arts, Processes arts, Neuro-aesthetics, Autopoietic aesthetic systems, and visual communication. Through his research and cutting-edge experimental artistic projects, Diaa seeks Achieving Academic-Leading Advancement in Sciences of Visual Arts by fostering the interdisciplinary knowledge derived from the artistic practice-based research and explore its dual functions of being (1) a means of integrating the public into complicated scientific inquiries and (2) as an approach to enrich the visual and visible interface of the contemporary sciences.