Working with and for you in the time of COVID-19

Europeana is following the restrictions agreed by the Dutch government to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. Our staff members are working from home and still available to support you.

In this section you can explore innovative and inspiring examples of how the cultural heritage sector is harnessing digital cultural heritage to respond to these challenging times. You will find Europeana communications related to COVID-19, as well as resources which provide information, support and guidance in areas that reflect wider work across the sector. 

It's a section we will be continuously updating to reflect how we can support you and to share the best of how our sector is responding. If you have more ideas and examples please tell us.

Inspiration, support and guidance

Europeana's COVID-19 Communications

Europeana Foundation - working with you in the time of Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Title: The regular washing of hands. Lithograph, ca. 1960.
Institution: Wellcome Collection
Country: United Kingdom

Europeana Foundation - working with you in the time of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We’re putting measures in place with immediate effect to minimise the COVID-19 risk for our staff, their families and communities while continuing our operations to the greatest extent possible. We’d like to share what that means in practice.

Supporting cultural heritage professionals in the time of COVID-19

As an organisation which champions digital and digitised cultural heritage, we are working to help cultural heritage professionals find support and tools at a time when many of the sector’s activities are moving online. Explore some of our existing resources, picks for webinars and inspirational reads below.

Working together, from home - some tips from the Europeana Foundation

Like professionals over the world, staff at the Europeana Foundation have had to adjust and learn as we face a fixed period working from home. As part of our collaborative approach to the current circumstances, we would like to share our thinking, and the results of an internal webinar that we recently developed for our colleagues.