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Posted on Friday February 23, 2024

Updated on Friday February 23, 2024

Impact Community Work Plan

The Europeana Impact Community is one of the Europeana Network Association's specialist communities. Explore their work plan for 2024. You can also join the Europeana Impact Community through the Europeana Network Association.

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Steering group vision, membership and recruitment

1.1. Rotating chair

We will continue to operate under a rotating chair and co-chair (six month period). This worked well in 2023. The first chair for 2024 (January - June period) will be Nienke van Schaverbeke.

1.2. SG members for 2024

  • Maria Drabczyk

  • Dafydd Tudur

  • Jenny Kidd

  • Olivier Schulbaum

  • Antonio Davide Madonna

  • Matilda Justinić

  • Chiara Marchini

  • Jason Evans

  • Juha Henriksson

  • Nienke van Schaverbeke (SG Chair Jan - June 2024)

  • Nicole McNeilly (Community Advisor, Europeana Foundation)

  • Ad Pollé (Community Manager, Europeana Foundation)

Danae Kaplanidi stepped down from the Steering Group in late 2023.

1.3. Recruitment

With the election of new Members’ Council representatives, several of whom have interest or skills in using the Europeana Impact Playbook, we intend to recruit new steering group members who will represent us on the MC. In addition, we may recruit more widely from the Community.

1.4. Responsibilities and vision

In 2023, we began to allocate specific tasks and responsibilities to steering group members. This worked well and we will build on this further in 2024. Our vision is that steering group members are empowered to lead on specific areas of work (where they have capacity) and to represent the Impact Community at different events, always with the support of Europeana Foundation colleagues. We want to encourage steering group members to harness their networks and to use this to inform what the Impact Community should do and how we can increase engagement and the value for members.

Community aspiration for 2024

We want to continue our efforts to stimulate reflective, considerate and purposeful discussions around the topic of impact assessment; and to empower the cultural heritage sector in its digital transformation with the skills and resources it needs to apply an impact approach in order to expand its reach and understand the value of its work.

For 2024 the main focus of our activities will be on the promotion of the online Impact Playbook resource, to build further on the development of training and collection of use cases, and to highlight important strategic areas relating to impact and digital heritage.

Priority areas and activities

Our priority areas focus on the outcomes that we want to see among Europeana Impact Community members and outline how we will achieve this (the activities) and what the results will be (the outputs). This aligns with the Change Pathway approach.

3.1. Increased awareness about impact thinking in digital cultural heritage contexts

Our main aim is to raise awareness about impact thinking in digital cultural heritage contexts in general and to increase the number of users of the Impact Lite online resource in particular. In doing so we will focus on the following topics:

  • the promotion of the Impact Lite online resource;

  • the collection and presentation of use cases;

  • the development of the training offer; and,

  • measuring the impact in and of the data space.

3.2. Increase a feeling of connection and belonging

We will encourage more connections between Impact Community members, in the wider ENA and beyond by scheduling networking and knowledge sharing events, and representing the community at events for new and wider audiences. Our goal is to create an active community of practice around impact.

We will continue with our series of quarterly Impact Community Cafés. We aim to increase the number of Impact Community members and/or its various communication channels.

3.2.1. Target outputs in 2024:

  • Growth in membership of the Europeana LinkedIn group.

  • Growth in membership of the Europeana Impact Community overall.

  • Increase in interactions by Network members on the Listserv (whether initiating posts or responding).

3.3. Increase skills, knowledge and knowledge sharing

We will focus on events and training that deliver concrete learning outcomes for community members to increase their skills and knowledge. Our aim is to further develop training elements and to embed these in Europeana’s learning management programme. This will be done by building on the pilot Impact training programme completed in 2023.

Communications and outreach

We will do this through our communication via Europeana and Impact Community-specific channels, such as:

  • Newsletter to Impact Community members

  • ListServ to engage members and encourage discussion/interactivity

  • Europeana Pro website

  • LinkedIn group and community (including a stronger pivot to a focus on Europeana)

  • Europeana’s social media channels

We will continue to work according to our communications strategy.


Target outputs and activities across 2024 (dates to be confirmed):

  • Four presentations by SG members at non-Europeana events

  • Four webinars, including, for example:
    • Aggregators impact webinar (in particular with the Dutch, German, Italian, Welsh aggregators; drawing on our submission for EuropeanaTech 2023)

    • Data space-supporting projects impact webinar (TBC) (in combination with highlighting older case studies)

    • Theoretical impact webinar (Theory behind the Europeana Impact Playbook)

    • Copyright impact webinar/café - together with the copyright and research community (tbc)

    • Digital heritage in education - together with the education community (tbc)

    • Introduction to the Impact Playbook webinars (held across the year)

  • Four Europeana Pro news pieces authored or led by SG members (related to other activities such as the above-mentioned webinars)

  • Four networking events (Impact Cafés).

Task Force(s)

We aim to scope the needs and opportunities for and potentially launch a Task Force on the theme of data collection at European and Member State-level, and the identification of holistic indicators of the scale and impact of digital cultural heritage and data collection practices. While at present there is no leadership or political urgency in this topic, the steering group considers this an important long-term priority for the sector and particularly in the context of the data space. This importance can be seen in past Impact Community efforts around this topic, including a symposium held under the auspices of the Czech presidency (November 2022) and an Impact Café held in September 2023.


Budget required 4,000 EUR (exact division to be determined) for the

  • Development of impact training and promotional resources.

  • Financial support to attend a physical SG meeting.

  • Remaining budget for contingency.

Previous work plans

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