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Europeana in your classroom: building 21st-century competences with digital cultural heritage' MOOC

The first Europeana Education MOOC, designed in collaboration with European Schoolnet, will improve teachers' understanding of Cultural Heritage in order to efficiently integrate digital culture into their lessons and practices, regardless of the subject they usually teach.

The MOOC will introduce participants to the Europeana platform, where they will find different resources for educators such as pictures, videos, texts and various tools that they can easily integrate in their lessons. Moreover, the MOOC will help teachers to build learning scenarios using digital cultural heritage, in a framework of 21st-century skills.

Europeana in your classroom MOOC will offer a selection of tested classroom activities and resources from different European countries to empower primary and secondary teachers in introducing cultural heritage in the classroom and help them reflect on their own practices.

In this MOOC, participants will:

  • Understand why it is important to integrate European cultural heritage in education.
  • Learn how to use Europeana Collections to teach their subjects.
  • Learn how to navigate the Europeana Collections website.
  • Explore and become familiarized with the various Europeana apps, tools and materials.
  • Learn how to build learning activities using Europeana Collections resources

Target audiences: Primary and secondary school teachers and teacher trainers from Europe and beyond. Other stakeholders like museums, cultural centers, etc., can also follow the course.

Start Date: 30 April 2018
End date: 13 June 2018

Duration and estimated workload: The course will run for 6.5 weeks, with a total number of 5 modules (one module per week) and 1.5 extra-grace weeks at the end of the course. The workload estimated is 3-4 hours per week. Total estimated hours ~25 hours

Registration and Platform: European Schoolnet Academy

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