Posted on Friday July 15, 2016

Rules for Reimbursement

These are the Europeana Foundation Rules for Reimbursement of Travel and Subsistence Expenses


1. Travel and subsistence expenses incurred for Europeana Foundation events are eligible for reimbursement.

2. Travel and subsistence expenses incurred for governance related meetings (of the Europeana Foundation Board, Europeana Advisory Board, Europeana Members Council, Management Board) or strategic business unit specific meetings (e.g. presidency events, strategy workshops, Business Plan meetings) are eligible for reimbursement for all participants irrespective of their affiliation or Europeana Network Association membership.

3. For Europeana Network Association related meetings (Annual General Meeting, Europeana Plenary, Aggregator Forum), Europeana Foundation will only reimburse one representative per organisation or University that is a member of the Europeana Association Network and not a representative of a European Commission funded project. (this includes all Europeana DSI Generic Services projects)

4. Members of one of the Europeana Network Association Task Forces have to follow the reimbursement rules set forth in the Task Force Terms and Conditions.


5. Meeting participants are allowed to claim their travel costs up to a maximum amount of €500 for second class transport per trip (e.g. airfare, train ticket). Higher costs must be approved in advance. 

6. Travel undertaken for Europeana should be made using public transport where possible. The cost of second class rail fare, economy class airfare and transportation by public transport from and to an airport can be reimbursed. Where there is no public-transport option, mileage for travel by car is eligible but must be approved in advance.

7. Travel documentation is required for reimbursement (receipts, boarding pass, train ticket, etc.). Clear and readable digital copies (preferably in pdf format) or photocopies are eligible. The submitted travel documentation should include the name of the claimant, places of origin and destination, dates of travel, the total amount paid, proof of payment, and the name of the event for which the expenses are being claimed.


8. A flat rate of €120 for a necessary overnight stay to attend a meeting will be reimbursable (unless otherwise mentioned in the adjusted rates below). If no overnight stay is required then only travel costs will be reimbursed.

9. Should this flat rate not cover reasonable accommodation and subsistence expenses incurred then clear, readable copies of the receipts for additional expenditure may be submitted for possible reimbursement. Only in exceptional circumstances can Europeana consider covering these additional expenses and only when applied for in advance of the event.


11. Reimbursement may be transferred into a personal or an institutional bank account on the provision of the relevant bank account number, IBAN, BIC or SWIFT codes and full address details.

12. Expense claims should be submitted within four weeks following an event organised by the Network Association or attended by an Association member on behalf of the Network. Expense claims submitted later than four weeks after an event, will not be eligible for reimbursement unless an agreement with the financial department was made beforehand. Expense claims submitted after the end of a project will not be eligible for reimbursement too.

13. Reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses will be made within six weeks following the receipt of the expense claim form. Please note that in case a claim form was sent in later than six weeks after an event it will not be automatically processed.

14. Claims in non-Euro (€) currency will be converted by the coordinator on the day of processing of the travel claim using the European Union’s currency converter, InforEuro.

15. The completed electronic version of the Europeana Travel and Subsistence Claim Form should be emailed, with supporting documentation, to

If this is not possible then the original claim form and documents should be sent by mail FAO

Ms Tamara van Hulst
Europeana Foundation
PO Box 90407
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