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Europeana 280

The Europeana 280 Campaign ran from March to December 2016 and was made possible by 158 cultural heritage institutions.

Europeana 280 brought together a collection of more than 300 awe-inspiring paintings, drawings, photographs, posters, illustrations, sculptures and other objects which together tell a story of how Europe’s art heritage has developed down the centuries. These items were shared through social media using #Europeana 280. A series of virtual reality events and digital installations took place across Europe from April to November 2016.

Discover highlights from Europeana 280 media coverage and a summary of the project in our article It’s a wrap for #Europeana280: collaborating across borders to bring art to the people.

    Persian Envoys before the King of Ethiopia
    Lithuanian Art Museum

    Documents and communications

    If you’re one of the 29 culture ministries or 158 cultural institutions that participated, or you’d simply like to consult some of the information about the campaign and its timeline, here are the communications resources you need. 

    Faces of Europe - virtual exhibition

    A virtual exhibition Faces of Europe showcased artworks from all 29 countries, taking visitors on a journey with artists through the centuries, exploring a changing Europe through their works and role in society.

    Jumping Jacks

    #Jumping Jacks appeared at cultural venues across Europe in summer 2016. An exciting and fun installation, it combined influential art from all corners of Europe with interactive technology and moving, dynamic human bodies.


    #BigArtRide was a virtual reality event that toured 12 cities across Europe - The Hague, Brussels, Amsterdam, Wroclaw, Nijmegen, Rome, Vienna, Zandaam, Prague, Utrecht, Berlin, Paris, and Bratislava - to celebrate Europe's shared art heritage and the Dutch Presidency of the EU.

    Brought to the public by Europeana, the Dutch design studio DROPSTUFF.nlthe Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and Embassies of the Kingdom of The Netherlands across Europe. The #BigArtRide tour was part of the Europeana280 campaign to launch Europeana Art - and celebrated the Dutch Presidency of the EU. It brought together two participants in different cities (one in the Netherlands, one elsewhere), invite them to get on their (stationary) bikes, put on virtual reality ‘Oculus Rift’ headsets, and navigate through a virtual city experiencing centuries of Europe’s art along the way. 

    Partnerships with ArtStack and DailyArt

    External platform ArtStack and the free app DailyArt are both enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of art lovers around the world. Both have been sharing numerous treasures from Europeana 280 with their communities.

    Wikimedia Art History Challenge

    In April and May 2016, we ran a six-week challenge to write and translate articles on Wikipedia about every artwork nominated for the campaign. With 40 languages, 30 countries and over 280 artworks involved, it was one of Wikipedia's largest-ever translation competitions!


      Learn more about the background for the overall campaign, or an individual country's participation.