Lesson 1 - Where did EDM come from?

Why did we develop EDM and why ESE wasn’t enough

We’ll start with the basics of EDM.

Why did we need to develop yet another metadata standard? What ideas are behind it? How is it structured - and what's the bare minimum of data that we need to publish your content on Europeana Collections?

Lesson 2 - Linked Open Data

The wonderful and strange world of LOD

Lesson 3 - EDM approach

How EDM implements the LOD approach

We discuss the history of EDM: how it was developed and how it implements LOD concepts. We also look into the cornerstones for the design of EDM, e.g. a cross-domain approach; re-use of elements of existing data models.

Lesson 4 - EDM classes

Meet the main EDM classes

We’ll look at EDM's three core classes and five contextual classes and which classes are mandatory if you want Europeana to publish your collections. Of course, it would be great if you can provide richer data than the minimum required, we'll come back to that later.