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Posted on Friday December 12, 2014

Contribute to EuropeanaTech

The EuropeanaTech community provides the expertise and technical know-how that allows Europeana to keep growing and improving.

The Internet is different than what came before: everyone can consume, but just as easily, everyone can also contribute, teach, and share. The Internet, like culture, is read and write: that’s where its greatest power comes from, and that’s where Europeana’s greatest power will come from too.

- Michael Edson (Smithsonian Institution)

Together, we make sure that Europeana doesn’t just keep up-to-date where technology is concerned; it leads the way. Here are the ways you can get involved:

Talk to us

Whether it's sharing ideas, reporting on new developments, providing feedback or telling the community about conferences and events, your contribution is important. It allows us to grow, progress and stay connected.

So what can you do? Provide feedback on deliverables and papers, join the discussions on our mailing list, follow us on Twitter @EuropeanaTech, or come to see us at events.

Work with us

Our Task Forces are intensive working groups in which experts work together to research and improve upon Europeana's technical questions or challenges. Task Forces operate autonomously and consist of experts from the Europeana Network.

Find out more about past and current Task Forces.

Submit your idea for a new Task Force on the EuropeanaTech mailing list.

Share with us

EuropeanaTech's library of technical information, software and apps is a valuable resource for the whole community. If you have contributions to share with us or work that we can highlight for you, we'd love to help.

So, what can you do?

See how the EuropeanaTech community connects with the whole Europeana Network on our Semantic Mindmap.

EuropeanaTech 2018 - Why it mattered to me from Europeana on Vimeo.