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Plaza del Rey, 1 Madrid 28071 Spain

Hispana is the national aggregator for Spain, giving access to digital collections of archives, libraries and Spanish museums also via its own portal. Among the collections made available through Hispana are also those of Spanish universities and the digital libraries of the Autonomous Communities, which offer access to growing collections of all types of materials (manuscripts, printed books, photographs, maps ...). Hispana also incorporates the contents of CER.es, the collective catalogue of the Digital Network of Museum Collections in Spain. Hispana includes a directory of the digitization projects that are being carried out in Spain to avoid double digitization of the same works.

In addition to data publication Hispana offers:

  • Europeana technical documentation translated into Spanish,
  • Metadata analysis and conformity with Europeana specifications,
  • Basic automatic data enrichment operations per default,
  • EDM conversion and enrichment on demand and depending on the availability of staff at Hispana.

Technical conditions for working with Hispana:

  • Metadata must be provided in ESE or EDM. Execption: For library domain MARC21 is accepted by aggreement.

Limitations: None
Financial conditions: None