German Digital Library

Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek DDB
Themes: Objects from German heritage institutions
Working language(s): DE(German)
Content language: DE(German)


Adickesallee 1 Frankfurt am Main 60322 Germany

The goal of the German Digital Library is to offer everyone unrestricted access to Germany’s cultural and scientific heritage, that is, access to millions of books, archived items, images, sculptures, pieces of music and other sound documents, as well as films and scores, from all over Germany.

German Digital Library is an accredited aggregator for Europeana, active since 2012. It serves 23 institutions contributing content. In 2018 it has published 1,614,539 records in Europeana.

In addition to data publication, the German Digital Library also advises its providers on:

  • Metadata format
  • Mapping and data quality
  • Licences
  • Legal matters
  • Delivery of data
  • Delivery to Europeana and its advantages

Data partners can make use of our free tool DDBstudio to curate their digital collection. We also promote our data partners via our newsletter, social media channels, and post articles about them on our website.

Technical conditions for working with the German Digital Library:

  • Accepted data formats: METS/MODS, EAD, MARC, Dublin Core, ESE, LIDO, DenXweb, EDM.
  • The digital objects have to be accessible online and be provided with a stable URL.
  • In the case of images, the resolution has to be at least 800 x 600 px (jpeg or png).
  • Each object must be provided with a stable ID.
  • If needed we provide an XLS template to fill in.

Limitations: Mostly public Cultural Heritage Institutions 
Financial conditions: None