Deputy Ministry of Culture, Republic of Cyprus

Υφυπουργείο Πολιτισμού, Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία DMC

Gladstonos 6 Strovolos Nicosia Cyprus

The National Aggregator for Cyprus is based in the Deputy Ministry of Culture, Republic of Cyprus with the initials DMC. It is supported by open-source software which harvests content from cultural and academic Institutions that wish to share their material in Europeana. As a national cross-domain aggregator it has a very important role to promote Cyprus' cultural heritage at a European level by providing Europeana with digital objects.

In addition to data publication, DMC offers:

  • Annual training performed by the aggregator's team: during the training, all participants are presented with new tools and hands-on sessions,

  • Metadata submission via OAI-PMH, or FTP server,

  • Data mapping in EDM,

  • Data enrichment,

  • Feedback report to participants,

  • Helpdesk by email and phone.

Technical conditions for working with DMC:

  • A participant CHI must have the ability to provide an OAI-PMH endpoint or exportation of their records in XML files so that the aggregator can proceed in harvesting and mapping the data collected, 

  • The data format is preferably in Dublin Core schemas.

In addition:

  • Aggregator strongly advises all CHIs to provide good quality and well-documented content and generally keep enriching their collections so as to keep the accessibility at high levels,

  • Aggregator encourages participants to maintain open access and free reuse policy on their content so as to keep the datasets as open as possible to everyone,

  • Aggregator advises participants to keep up with Europeana's strategies, policies and technological upgrades so as to keep an effective workflow on their data in terms of publishing in Europeana.

Limitations: None. The aggregator is working with public and private CHIs.

Financial conditions: None.