Membership of the Europeana Network Association offers the chance to find like-minded people and tackle common issues together. Explore our member’s list by country and domain to find opportunities for conversation, collaboration and creativity.

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Steffen AalandCompany: Fotograf Steffen AalandCountry: NorwayDomain: Cultural Heritage
Trond AalbergCompany: Norwegian University of Science and TechnologyCountry: NorwayDomain: Education
Sindre AarsbogCompany: Municipal archives of TrondheimCountry: NorwayDomain: Cultural Heritage
Elisabetta AbateCompany: Georgia-Augusta UniversityCountry: GermanyDomain: Academic Research
Emma AbbateCompany: High School Liceo Diaz, CasertaCountry: ItalyDomain: Education
Lulzim AbdiajCompany: Local Education Office BelshCountry: AlbaniaDomain: Education
Yussif Abdul-RasheedCompany: Dagbani WikimediansCountry: GhanaDomain: Cultural Heritage
Ali Abdullah GaidCompany: TurkeyDomain: Creative industries
Yalemisew AbgazCompany: Dublin City UniversityCountry: IrelandDomain: Academic Research
Sara Hai AbildtrupCompany: Museum of HolstebroCountry: DenmarkDomain: Cultural Heritage
Erica AbreuCompany: Lusofona UniversityCountry: PortugalDomain: Academic Research
Odete AbromaviciuteCompany: Foundation smARTrootsCountry: NetherlandsDomain: Cultural Heritage
Robert AbzugCompany: University of TexasCountry: United StatesDomain: Education
Ute Ackermann BoerosCompany: EUROCLIO - European Association of History EducatorsCountry: NetherlandsDomain: Education
Ovidiu AcomiCompany: Asociatia Team 4 ExcellenceCountry: RomaniaDomain: Education
Donatella Daniela AcquatiCompany: Cross Cultural Management Consultant and TrainerCountry: ItalyDomain: Education
Véronique AdamCompany: University of Toulouse-Jean JaurèsCountry: FranceDomain: Academic Research
Nina AdamsenCompany: The archive of the municipality of Norddjursof NorddjursCountry: DenmarkDomain: Cultural Heritage
Keller-Gera AdriennCompany: Petofi Literary MuseumCountry: HungaryDomain: Cultural Heritage
Andreas AegidiusCompany: The Royal Danish LibraryCountry: DenmarkDomain: Academic Research
Dirk AertsCompany: Catholic University of LeuvenCountry: BelgiumDomain: Academic Research
Birgitte AgaCompany: AgaCountry: NorwayDomain: Creative industries
Marios AgathocleousCompany: Cyprus Ministry of Education and CultureCountry: CyprusDomain: Education
Ezgi AgcihanCompany: The Future is YouCountry: TurkeyDomain: Education