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Capacity Building Working Group

This working group aims to support the implementation of a capacity building working plan for the common European data space for cultural heritage.

Posted on Thursday November 17, 2022

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

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A classroom with children sitting at long tables and a teacher standing with a book in her hand.
Lithograph by J.B. Sonde.
Wellcome Collection
United Kingdom


In 2022 the Digital Transformation Task Force recommended a Working Group to enable collaborative and cooperative design, development and delivery of capacity building activities across the Initiative.  

This working group aims to identify needs on a sector and initiative wide level to support the development and delivery of capacity building activities. The work of the Working Group will complement the Digital Transformation Action plan, developed by the Task Force and a series of capacity building outcomes agreed between the Initiative partners and laid out within plans for the common European data space for cultural heritage.


The scope of the Working Group is to:

  1. Translate recognised and identifying emerging needs of previous capacity building activities into practical training needs and opportunities
  2. Work towards a “Europeana curriculum” in which the products and services from the Europeana Initiative are featured.

  3. Identify a Europeana Initiative wide infrastructure for the promotion and delivery of training and other capacity building activities.


Outcomes of the work performed by the Capacity Building Working Group will take various forms depending on the nature of the work performed, including training programmes developed, learning pathways, guidelines and tools to be used to inform training, Europeana Pro News articles and advocacy and promotional work within the members' networks.