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2 minutes to read Posted on Wednesday October 18, 2017

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

portrait of Julia Fallon

Julia Fallon

Community and Partner Engagement Manager , Europeana Foundation

portrait of Harry Verwayen

Harry Verwayen

General Director , Europeana Foundation

Introducing the Impact Playbook: the cultural heritage professionals’ guide to assessing your impact

Do you need to demonstrate the impact of your work? Are you curious to know what effect it has on people’s lives, and how the daily activities of your museum, library or archive contribute to create that change? Are you looking for tools to help you measure it? If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, we’ve got just the thing to help you out.

Why impact matters

We believe the cultural heritage sector can increase the change it brings about in people's lives by learning how to manage its impact. This requires that we develop a common language to talk about impact, about how we express our critical contribution to society. The Impact Playbook is a stepping stone towards our vision.

Introducing: Impact Playbook from Europeana on Vimeo.

A step by step guide created collaboratively

This Playbook has been developed by cultural heritage and impact professionals to guide you through the process of identifying the impact that your cultural heritage institutions has, or is aiming to have. It provides a common approach that can be applied throughout the cultural heritage sector. In this release, the Playbook explores the first phase of undertaking an impact assessment. It is divided into six steps, each one focusing on a clear goal and outcome.

Supplying the right tools and resources in one place

To get started you’ll need a positive attitude and a desire to understand the impact of your work, and let the playbook guide you through the rest. All of the tools and resources referenced in the playbook can be downloaded so that you can use them with your own institution. We have provided examples from our own experience with Europeana projects, and will add more as we learn about them from the growing Impact community of cultural heritage professionals.

Sounds good, right? Check out the Impact Playbook!