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2 minutes to read Posted on Thursday November 16, 2023

Updated on Thursday November 16, 2023

portrait of Kerstin Arnold

Kerstin Arnold

APEF Manager , Archives Portal Europe

portrait of Marie-Véronique Leroi

Marie-Véronique Leroi

Project Manager , Ministry of Culture

portrait of Tom Miles

Tom Miles

Metadata Coordinator , The British Library

Get excited for the Europeana Aggregators’ Forum outreach event!

Do you work with digital cultural heritage, or share data with Europeana? Then seize your chance to explore the process for publishing data on, discover helpful tools and hear from expert speakers at the EAF outreach event on 23 November! The EAF Steering Group tells you why they are excited about attending - and why you should be too.

Stacks of paper in straw with a green overlay with the text Europeana Aggregators’ Forum Outreach Event 23 November 2023
Servizio fotografico Villa Lagarina
Monti, Paolo
Fondazione Biblioteca Europea di Informazione e Cultura (BEIC)

Why are you excited about the Europeana Aggregators’ Forum Outreach event?

Marie-Véronique Leroi, Project Manager, Ministry of Culture, EAF Chair

This will already be the fourth installation of the EAF outreach event and I am excited to continue the conversations about our current and future work in supporting the cultural heritage sector’s digital transformation. Having looked at what goes on behind the scenes during the last three outreach events, we are now talking about all that is involved in publishing data. This is the point when all the efforts that our colleagues who work with cultural heritage collections at libraries, archives, museums and other types of institutions pay off and when our public service begins. I’m excited to hear from our aggregators on this crucial step of their work especially in the context of the deployment of the data space for cultural heritage.

Tom Miles, Metadata Coordinator, The British Library

As aggregators, we’ve seen quite a few changes over the last year - notably, developments to the Metis Sandbox and the emergence of the user statistics dashboard. I’m really looking forward to seeing the demonstrations of these tools and taking part in the ensuing discussions. Also, the event will be a great opportunity to meet more representatives from the cultural heritage community, who are interested in finding out more about aggregation.

Kerstin Arnold, APEF Manager, Archives Portal Europe

I’m looking forward to hearing from colleagues working at cultural heritage institutions directly, who will add their perspectives to those of aggregators as part of the first panel session. While aggregators work closely with cultural heritage institutions to publish their data in a national or thematic context, and hence know some of their pains and gains, it is important to hear all the voices that make up our network. This is especially key while we transition to the data space for cultural heritage, which might bring new roles and new actors to the stage. We will therefore make a start with including cultural heritage institutions for this upcoming event and are aiming at extending the circle even further for the fifth event of the current series in June next year - keep an eye on the Europeana Pro events page to hear about it!