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2 minutes to read Posted on Thursday March 14, 2019

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

portrait of Isabel Crespo

Isabel Crespo

Former Business Development Coordinator, Education , Europeana Foundation

Discover free and innovative learning resources using digital culture in the new ‘Teaching with Europeana’ blog

Thanks to the contribution of 130 teachers from across Europe and beyond, educators will find new ready-to-use learning scenarios and stories on how to integrate digital culture in education every week on our new blog.

main image
Erithrean Sibyl from BL Royal 16 G V, f. 23
Giovanni Boccaccio
c. 1440
The British Library

The Teaching with Europeana blog is the new platform for educators of all subjects searching for lesson plans that are engaging, innovative and easily adjustable to their curricula.

The learning scenarios have been developed by the Europeana Teacher Ambassadors and the Europeana Education User Group. These are a total of 130 teachers in primary, secondary and vocational education from across Europe, coordinated by the European Schoolnet (EUN) and devoted to mainstream the use of digital culture in their countries.

Why use the Teaching with Europeana blog?

You will regularly find new original ideas to create meaningful learning assignments for your students using digital culture. In addition, you will have the opportunity to share your personal and your students’ experience in the ‘stories of implementation’ section. By suggesting different activities or making adjustments for a different age group or nationality you can help to enrich the existent materials and thus, creating new scenarios. For now, the scenario publication will be moderated by the pedagogical experts from EUN.

Teaching with Europeana is a great platform for teachers to:

  1. Discover new learning scenarios with cultural heritage on various subjects

  2. Learn about how the Europeana learning scenarios have been implemented in classrooms across Europe

  3. Share their experiences and discuss these with peers

  4. Meet other teachers searching for resources and advice

  5. Be part of a growing community

Teaching with Europeana blog screenshot. 2019. CC-BY
Teaching with Europeana blog screenshot. 2019. CC-BY

What you can find

The learning scenarios are organised in thematic categories, such as Art, Geography, History, Philosophy, Biochemistry and more. The material is currently available only in English. We will expand the topics and the languages in the coming months based on the regular publication of new material.

Would you like to create a virtual reality experience with Europeana stereoscopic vintage pictures in your classroom? Have a look at Rafael Montero’s learning scenario and organise a do-it-yourself (DIY) activity to inspire your students to learn about art and architecture.

Ryszard Markowicz 'Vintage VR’ scenario implementation, 2019. CC-BY
Ryszard Markowicz 'Vintage VR’ scenario implementation, 2019. CC-BY
Judit Benedek ‘Letter and postcards from War times’ implementation, 2019. CC-BY
Judit Benedek ‘Letter and postcards from War times’ implementation, 2019. CC-BY

Would you like to find other examples? Browse our latest scenarios and learn how to integrate cultural heritage materials in your classes!