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Posted on Thursday September 6, 2018

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Research Grants Programme - FAQs

I am of a non-EU nationality. Can I apply?
Yes, but your project must be carried on at an institution based in one of the EU member states.

I am not affiliated to an institution. Can I apply?
If funded, your project must be carried on at an institution. However, we accept submissions also from applicants who are independent scholars at the time of submitting their project proposals.The projects can include collaboration with non-affiliated researchers, or can use the expertise of third parties.

Can I use other sources than the Europeana Collections?
Yes. However, content from Europeana Collections must be a central component in your project.

Does the grant cover costs of technical support, buying digital tools for research?
Yes, these are eligible costs and can be covered within the grant amount.

Can I work with third parties subcontractors for my research project?
Yes, but the Europeana Foundation will not be responsible for subcontracts with third parties.

I want to carry on a long-term project (i.e. it will not be finished by 30 June 2019). Can I apply for a research grant?
Yes. The projects funded by the Europeana Foundation can be part of projects broader in scope, but the results outlined in the grant project proposals must be reported and delivered by 30 June 2019. 

I was awarded with a Europeana research grant in the past. Can I apply again?
Yes, if you submit a project different than the one already funded by the Europeana Foundation.

Can I apply for the grant with a project that isn’t a research project (for instance, an art project)?
No. Please explore our other funding opportunities on our re-user services pages.