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Posted on Tuesday October 24, 2023

Updated on Tuesday July 16, 2024

Europeana Aggregators’ Forum Outreach Event 23 November 2023

This event, organised by the Europeana Aggregators’ Forum and the Europeana Foundation, focused on the steps involved in publishing data on Europeana’s infrastructure and the tools provided by Europeana Foundation to aggregators and cultural heritage institutions.

Stacks of paper in straw with a green overlay with the text Europeana Aggregators’ Forum Outreach Event 23 November 2023
Servizio fotografico Villa Lagarina
Monti, Paolo
Fondazione Biblioteca Europea di Informazione e Cultura (BEIC)

The common European data space for cultural heritage will support Europe’s cultural sector in its digital transformation and promote the creation, use, and reuse of content in related areas. These could include cultural and creative sectors and tourism, as well as education and scientific research, but also other sectors and their data spaces. Aggregators play a key role in providing entry points into the data space, and their active involvement is crucial for a smooth transition from digital service infrastructure to data space. 

In this context, the Europeana Aggregators’ Forum organised its fourth outreach event taking place online on 23 November from 9:45 to 12:30 CET in English. This event was open to all, and stakeholders from the European Commission and cultural heritage institutions were particularly welcome to join!

This event focused on the steps involved in publishing data on Europeana’s infrastructure and the tools provided by Europeana Foundation to aggregators and cultural heritage institutions in this context. Additionally, it explored similar tools and processes made available by aggregators in their own workflows and how this will all work together in the common European data space for cultural heritage.

For those working with digital cultural heritage collections or sharing their data with Europeana, it was an opportunity to find out more about how to contribute to the development of the data space and how organisations and their data can benefit from it. Additionally, it offered the opportunity to learn from aggregators about the process of publishing aggregated data, and see what happens behind the scenes for content and metadata to be prepared for publication. It was a chance to grasp the operational aspects when it comes to presenting data from hundreds of cultural heritage institutions in one platform and facilitating and improving its discoverability and usability. 

You can watch the recording of the event and discover the programme below!


  • 9.45 - 9.50: Welcome and introduction by the Europeana Aggregators’ Forum with Marie-Véronique Leroi (Ministry of Culture), Kerstin Arnold (Archives Portal Europe) and Tom Miles (Europeana Sounds, The British Library)
  • 9.50 - 9.55: Welcome by the Europeana Initiative with Harry Verwayen (Europeana Foundation), Marie-Véronique Leroi (Europeana Aggregators’ Forum), and Rob Davies (Europeana Network Association)
  • 9.55 - 10.05 Introduction by Rehana Schwinninger-Ladak (DG-CONNECT)
  • 10.05 - 10.20: Data ingestion and publication at Europeana Foundation by Henning Scholz (Europeana Foundation)
  • 10.20 - 10.35: Demonstration: Metis Sandbox by Tomáš Psohlavec, Manuscriptorium, AiP Beroun Ltd.
  • 10.35 - 11.15: Panel 1: How aggregators currently use and work with tools and services provided by Europeana Foundation, moderated by Henning Scholz (Europeana Foundation), Panel members: Killian Downing (Dublin City University Library), Andrija Sagic (Milutin Bojić Library), Kerstin Arnold (Archives Portal Europe)
  • 11.15 - 11.30: Break
  • 11.30 - 11.40: Demonstration: Welcome Pack and User Statistics Dashboard by Fiona Mowat (Europeana Foundation)
  • 11.40 - 12.20: Panel 2: How aggregators envisage to operate in the data space, moderated by Tom Miles (British Library), Panel members: Dimitra Atsidis (Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision), Valentina Bachi (Photoconsortium)
  • 12.20 - 12.30: Conclusions by Marie-Véronique Leroi (Ministry of Culture)