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Posted on Tuesday March 8, 2016

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Maps of the First World War held by the National Library of Denmark

This collection of digital items of maps from the WW1 period is administrated by the National Library of Denmark. These maps illustrate the WW1 battlefields; most of them illustrate the Western Front, the Eastern Front and the Italian Front.

This collection of maps reflect the particular role of the country in the war. Even though Denmark was not directly involved in the World War I, it was never far off. Germany was worried that Britain would attack from the north via Denmark and built defensive positions along its border with Denmark. Thus the Danish Collection gathers maps of the war theatres, maps describing the border between Denmark and the German Reich (Prussia) and includes North Sea maps, map of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland (where the German fleet attacked the Russian), maps of Serbia, maps of France, overview of the French Fortress System and the Western European armies constructions etc.

In addition there are maps from the post-war period which illustrate the new borders between Germany (Prussia) and Denmark.