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Posted on Monday August 9, 2021

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Youth audience engagement during COVID: digital ideas and methods from The GLAMers

Based on The GLAMers, an EU-funded initiative that studied over 90 digital youth-engagement initiatives across Europe, this lively, interactive workshop explores how to implement a variety of digital audience engagement techniques that have emerged within the GLAM and cultural sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


This immersive workshop offers an opportunity to reflect on the practical implementation of audience engagement, especially of youth audiences, in the highly unpredictable context of the pandemic. 

Authors of the GLAMers study and experts from participating GLAM institutions share their knowledge and insights through case studies and hands-on exercises. Examples are included from a wide spectrum of GLAM and cultural organisations throughout Europe, from both small and large institutions and those with varying degrees of digital maturity. 

This workshop shows: 

  • How to use easy, low-cost platforms for youth engagement
  • How to develop and deliver tactile, hands-on activities to families and young learners through the web
  • How to use “make, share, and show” techniques to reduce isolation and highlight the creativity of the crowd
  • How to start a new digital initiative within your GLAM, and how use the pandemic crisis as an opportunity to stimulate internal change

This workshop is an activity of The GLAMers EU-funded project and was part of a series of events and workshops on digital youth engagement for the GLAMers project, which started with an introductory webinar on September 29. Check the GLAMers website for the most recent schedule and read the full open-access GLAMers publication here.

This event was the first of a series of training opportunities for GLAM and youth organisations and took place on 13 October 2021. More information