Posted on Tuesday November 9, 2021

Updated on Wednesday November 17, 2021

WEAVE LabDay: Mastros Tradicionais

This LabDay from the WEAVE project aims to engage communities in South Portugal. It will include activities linked to the practice of Mastros Tradicionais, a cultural practice from Odemira (Portugal).

Title: WEAVE - PédeXumbo
15 November 2021

This LabDay is composed of three parts dedicated to the practice of Mastros Tradicionais,  a cultural practice from Odemira, Portugal

  • conversation with the research team and presentation of the documentary “Da Terra ao Céu
  • presentation of PédeXumbo’s Brochure Collection “Para Conhecer e Fazer“, dedicated to Mastros Tradicionais, with hands-on activity
  • Paper Flowers workshop: How to Make Paper Flowers

For more information, please visit the website.