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Posted on Wednesday March 29, 2023

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Programming and Data Infrastructure in Digital Humanities conference

The talk 'Fostering digital transformation in the common European data space for cultural heritage through assessment, measurement and data analysis' by Europeana Foundation speaker Fiona Mowat takes part at the Programming and Data Infrastructure in Digital Humanities conference organised by the High Performance Computing Centre at the University of Évora.

People in an audience raising their hands
Sebastiaan Ter Burg
Europeana Foundation
29 March 2023
15:10 — 15:35 Online

Digital transformation is an important aspect of the European strategy for data (2020) and will support interoperability in the Common European data spaces program launched in 2022, where it will become relevant to all European citizens. But how can we measure it and assess it? Based on data collected in the cultural heritage sector and focusing on self assessment methodologies, this paper will explore work undertaken by the Europeana Foundation and inDICEs partners on collecting data about digital transformation - especially discussing the ENUMERATE self assessment tool and related data. The paper will also outline directions for collaboratively collecting data, as well as choosing and developing indicators for digital transformation. How can data collected be used to further the digital transformation of cultural institutions and their audiences, and prepare them for participation in the future data spaces and a digital single market?

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