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Posted on Monday January 18, 2021

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

New Frontiers for Jewish Digital Heritage

New Frontiers for Jewish Digital Heritage is the concluding event of Judaica Europeana 2.0 project, organised by Jewish Heritage Network and Michael Culture.

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Jewish Heritage Network
26 January 2021
15:00 — 18:00 Online

The event is intended for a broad audience of Jewish heritage professionals and will consist of three sessions on content aggregation, digital curation, and funding and sustainability and will conclude with an open discussion on the sustainability of digital approaches with the participation of funders.


  • Dov Winer (Judaica Europeana, Member of JHN Board) 
  • Marco Rendina (Chair of the Europeana Aggregators Forum, Member of JHN Board)
  • Alexander Raginsky (Chief Technology Officer, JHN) 
  • Vadim Shestopalov (Data Engineer, JHN) 
  • Pavel Kats (Executive Officer, JHN) 
  • Dr. Sasha Goldstein-Sabbah (Digital Curator, JHN) 
  • Adrian Murphy (Collection Manager, Europeana) 
  • Dr. Edward Portnoy (Academic Advisor/Exhibitions, YIVO) 
  • Fulgencio Sanmartín (Policy Officer, DG CNECT, Unit G2 Interactive Technologies, Digital for Culture and Education) 
  • Eugene Fooksman (President, Fooksman Family Foundation)

For more information, please visit the website. Or register here directly.