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Posted on Monday April 24, 2023

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Methodologies for metadata semantic enrichment

This webinar will present approaches to sematic enrichment for metadata. It is organised by Michael Culture Association as part of the common European data space for cultural heritage. 

Methodologies for metadata semantic enrichment
Michael Culture Association
8 June 2023
15:00 — 17:00 Online

The Europeana Initiative 'augments' its data providers’ metadata by automatically linking text strings found in the metadata to controlled terms from Linked Open vocabularies. This process is called 'semantic enrichment'. This webinar will present some approaches carried out to facilitate this process using automatic enrichment, artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing.


  • Maria Teresa Natale, Senior project manager, coordinator of the MUSEU aggreagator, more than 20 years’ experience in EU projects related to Digital Cultural Heritage, involved in several MCA projects. Special expertise in Education, Tourism and Digital exhibitions. Strong experience in professional training. Strong expertise in technical coordination of EU projects.
  • Maša Škrinjar. After completing a degree in Art History and Sociology of Culture, Maša worked for various cultural organisations. She is passionate about democratising access to art through digitisation and had helped make the Royal Academy of Arts collection accessible online before joining Art UK, where she worked closely with a range of public art collections. Originally from Slovenia, she currently lives and works in London.
  • Eirini Kaldeli. A senior researcher at the Artificial Intelligence and Learning Systems Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens. Her most recent work focuses on the development of methods and tools that make use of cutting-edge digital technologies for data management, enrichment, crowdsourcing, and engagement in the field of cultural heritage. She has worked as a developer, expert, and coordinator in a number of European and Greek projects on ICT applications in cultural heritage and beyond. 
  • Carmen Grau. A Computational Linguist and Research Scientist in Pangeanic, where she worked as a translator for 7 years. At present, she is working in Neural Machine Translation development and participates in European projects such as EuropeanaTranslate. She has a BA in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Alicante, and a Master’s degree in Translation and New Technologies. She is studying a Master’s degree in Applied, Advanced Artificial Intelligence from the University of Valencia.
  • Pier Giacomo Sola, Senior project manager , Michael Culture Association. Expertise in the design, coordination, evaluation and technical assistance of complex transnational projects in the educational, cultural, innovation management and regional socio-economic development fields. Long experience in coordinating the administrative, organisational and managerial aspects of transnational projects with national, regional and local public administrations.

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