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Europeana Lunch Café

"When will we see you again?"  

Europeana Lunch Café (ELC) is a monthly online social event.

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16 September 2020
13:00 — 14:00 Webinar

It provides an opportunity for cultural heritage professionals to get to know and inspire each other, to reflect on specific but broadly formulated topics, and to exchange experiences. It aims to encourage and support the informal discussions that would take place at physical events (for example, during coffee or lunch breaks or drinks and dinners) in an online format.

This Europeana Lunch Café will focus on events. For several months now, we have been unable to gather at seminars, conferences and other events. Online webinars have become the new normal. We’d like to discuss what’s good and bad about this and whether events will ever go back to what they were. We’re wondering when will we see you again?