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This workshop is for professionals working in and around cultural heritage, especially those who work at institutions that have cultural heritage content or collections relating to groups that are historically repressed, underrepresented, disenfranchised and disempowered. It offers an opportunity for institutions to learn more about how they can share content with broader audiences, and in particular, covers three main topics: 

  • Introducing what Europeana is and why it is beneficial to share cultural collections in this environment and across the Europeana network of partners, stakeholders and followers
  • Understanding the copyright framework that is at the basis of Europeana and the labels which are included in the Europeana Publishing Framework, so to enable content partners find the best solution to share and showcase their collections in a lawful way
  • Explaining Europeana’s editorial strategy and publication formats to include partners’ collections, including engagement with Europeana audiences and stakeholders and the more specific WEAVE Editorials strategy. The LabDay will include interactive moments such as small polls and Q&A time.

This event took place on 18 October 2021.