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Europeana Café

"Capacity Building"  

Europeana Café (EC) is a monthly online social event for Europeana, ENA, EAF and related communities.

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18 February 2021
13:00 — 14:00 Online

The Europeana Café provides an opportunity for cultural heritage professionals to get to know and inspire each other, to reflect on specific but broadly formulated topics, and to exchange experiences. It aims to encourage and support the informal discussions that would take place at physical events (for example, during coffee or lunch breaks or drinks and dinners) in an online format.

Capacity Building is one of the three priorities in Europeana’s strategy for 2020-2025. Currently work is being done on developing a Capacity Building Framework and a strategy for this framework.

If ordering and enjoying a coffee is the equivalent of a learning experience, and serving coffee is offering a training or course, then the Capacity Building Framework is the coffee shop -  including the menu, staff, training, management, building, interior, user experience, design of ordering a coffee, suppliers, following new trends, and business plan to keep everything running.

In this Café, find out how our framework will provide a structure for building capacity, as Sebastiaan ter Burg gives insight in the current status of Europeana’s capacity building framework strategy and, more importantly, how it will or might support you and your work in the future.