DSI Webinar: Benefits of sharing content with Europeana

This webinar is organised by MUSEU aggregator, managed by Michael Culture, within the Europeana DSI Initiative.

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Title: By Michael Culture Association
19 April 2021
17:00 — 18:30 Online

Sharing your data with Europeana, even if beginning with a small dataset, means to gain increased visibility, to bring the collections to new audiences in education, research and the creative industries, and be part of a large community of professionals of digital cultural heritage.  The experts of four small cultural institutions in Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Italy - a scientific association, a museum, a gallery of a university, a virtual museum, will explain how they benefited from being part of the larger community of MUSEU that supported them in the process of creating, sharing and re-using quality digital content for Europeana.

The webinar is targeted to cultural heritage institutions interested in joining Europeana.


  • Corinne Szteinsznaider (MCA)
  • Vesna Lovrić Plantić (Museum of Arts and Crafts - MUO)
  • Julia Katona (Schola Graphidis Art Collection | Hungarian University of Fine Arts - High School of Visual Arts)
  • Maria Sliwinska (ICIMMS)
  • Maria Teresa Natale (GoTellGo)

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