Posted on Thursday August 26, 2021

Updated on Friday September 17, 2021

Built with Bits kick-off workshop

Are you an educator from Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece interested in implementing immersive technologies for education and the New European Bauhaus initiative? Join this online free workshop to learn more about the Built with Bits challenge and mentoring program.

An impression of an indoor pool, fitness and wellness center
Title: Indoor pool, fitness and wellness center, Horn, Lower Austria
Creator: Tajder-Rara, Radovan
Date: 2005
Institution: Musem of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb
Country: Croatia
30 — 1 September 2021

On the first day of this event, open to anyone, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the New European Bauhaus and blended learning from European Commission representatives, as well as good practices from experts in implementing immersive technologies. We will then present, step by step, the two month Built with Bits program. You will have time to ask questions to the organisers of Built with Bits, decide if it's for you and your students and if you want to enroll.

During the second day we will begin the mentoring sessions for participants officially enrolled in the program, helping you get started on the design of your projects. The sessions will be focused on the use of Mozilla Hubs and Discord with an additional session on how to find relevant content for the New European Bauhaus topics in Europeana. In the last sessions we will open rooms by country, and you will have the opportunity to meet your mentor and other participants, and mingle in your language with colleagues!

Note: Participants that have already enrolled in the program through the form in our dedicated page don't need to sign in to the kick-off workshop via Eventbrite! If you have been selected, you will receive the final program and the link to access the meeting around 24 September. If after reading our dedicated page, you already know that this adventure is for you, don't wait for the workshop and send us your application today!