Posted on Wednesday May 11, 2022

Updated on Wednesday May 11, 2022

Basic training on Wikidata as a complementary tool to enrich metadata

This webinar, organised by Michael Culture, offers basic training on Wikidata as a complementary tool to enrich metadata. 

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7 June 2022
15:00 — 17:00 Online

In this training webinar, organised within the framework of Europeana DSI-4, participants will be able to follow a basic, introductory webinar on Wikidata (including its evolution, relationships with Wikipedia and DPpedia and how to create new items). Wikidata is a free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines. It is free, collaborative and multilingual, and collects structured data to support the other wikis of the Wikimedia movement and many other initiatives at the global level. 

Before the training session, some practical cases of the use of Wikidata will be introduced: the creation of terminologies for education in the Crowdschool project, Wikidata as a complementary tool for enriching metadata on authors and producers of a part of the collection of the Arts and Crafts Museum in Zagreb, and automatic enrichment procedures carried out in the Europeana Crafted project starting from Wikidata.


  • Pier Giacomo Sola, Michael Culture Association: Creating dedicated terminologies for education starting from Wikidata in the CrowdSchool Project
  • Vesna Lovric Plantic, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb: Wikidata as a Complementary Tool for Enriching Metadata of authors and producers
  • Eirini Kaldeli, National Technical University of Athens: Metadata Enrichment by linking with WikiData in Europeana Crafted
  • Camillo Pellizzari, Wikidata Group for Museums, Archives, and Libraries.
  • Maria Teresa Natale, Senior Project manager at Michael Culture Association and manager of MUSEU-Hub: Basic training on Wikidata Moderation

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