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Posted on Monday July 23, 2018

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

WWII Medical Posters by Abram Games

main image
The malaria mosquito forming the eye-sockets of a skull, rep
Abram Games
circa 1941
Wellcome Collection
United Kingdom

Discover high resolution medical educational posters by the British graphic designer Abram Games (1914 -1996).

He served in the British Army during World War Two and since 1942 was appointed as official War Artist for posters by the Public Relations Department of the War Office. In this role, he was allowed artistic freedom resulting in around 100 posters, known for their distinctive colours and daring graphic ideas. His posters are iconic for the way in which text and imagery combine to create an image that is both illustration and typographic. The style of his work has earned him a place among the best of 20th-century graphic designers.

This particular dataset depicts posters related to health and hygiene during and after the war showing vital concern over health problems during this period. Some examples include The head of a wounded soldier which is a call out for blood donors, a caution against infected meals in Flies infecting food and  Advice for men on treating sexually transmitted diseases.