Posted on Wednesday September 5, 2018

Updated on Wednesday September 12, 2018


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A screenshot of Wonders
Art Stories
A screenshot of Wonders

Wonders is an educational game about the world’s cultural heritage for children of five to ten. Kids are invited on a discovery tour of 13 exciting locations across the globe and asked to complete various challenges to learn about these sites.

Wonders is one of the winning projects of the Europeana #edTech Challenge.

Developed by the Italian start-up Art Stories and using openly licensed material from the Europeana Collections, Wonders provides parents and teachers with a fun way to educate young children about cultural heritage. Four of the sites are accessible for free while a small payment is required to unlock the remaining nine.

The app is available in English, Italian, and French and can be downloaded from the AppStore and Google Play online stores.