Posted on Thursday March 3, 2016

Updated on Wednesday February 14, 2018

On This Day

Discover and share images of events that happened on this day in history
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On This Day, part of the CulturePics site, displays items relating to the current date in history from 1800 to the present day. Users can also choose a particular year or month.

This is a significantly upgraded version of tool originally written for Flickr Commons images. It now includes data Europeana, Imperial War Museums, as well as Flickr Commons.

The data has been harvested from providers using some custom php scripts to query respective APIs. Data is harmonised and stored in a local mySql database to allow more flexible retrieval on partial date matches.

jQuery plugins, including Masonry and Bootstrap Image Gallery (based on blueimp) are used to provide a rich, responsive, interactive experience, and social tools allow users to share particular dates or individual images.

The code is openly licensed.