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Posted on Monday June 25, 2018

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Natural remedies from the Medicinal Garden of the Royal College of Physicians, London

main image
Physalis alkekengi
Dr Henry Oakeley
Wellcome Collection
United Kingdom

Discover more than 300 openly licensed images of plants originating from across the world by Dr. Henry Oakeley at the Medicinal Garden of the Royal College of Physicians, London. This dataset depicts flowers in their beauty and tell more about their medical purpose and use.

For example, the honey extract from Eucryphia glutinosa, native to Chile, and its related species found in Australia, have antibacterial and antioxidant activities. The well-known poppy eases pain and induces sleep, while the Physalis alkekengi (Chinese Lantern) that naturally grows in Southern Europe, South and Northeast Asia, is recommended for kidney and urinary problems. These are but a few examples of the vast variety of natural and medical uses of the plants in this collection.