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Posted on Tuesday April 5, 2016

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Joca Vujic's (1863-1934) special library

The collection of Joca Vujic is one of the richest collections for studying Serbian national and cultural history and literature, containing mostly books from the 18th and 19th centuries, and very valuable documents, manuscripts and letters, donated in 1932.

Joca Vujic was a great benefactor of the University of Belgrade, a landowner and a famous bibliophile. Over a period of forty years he collected books and manuscripts relating to Serbian history, literature and culture. The collection holds over 10,000 books and journals. It is one of the richest libraries for the study of national and cultural history of Serbia.

The old Serbian and Glagolitic books, Croatian books and books from Dubrovnik, newspapers and magazines from the eighteenth to the late nineteenth century are among the most valuable items in this collection. In addition, there are old works in Latin, German and Hungarian from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century including rare editions of the Venetian printing Bozidar Vukovic - Festive Menaion (1538).

The collection contains more than 50 local and foreign books, for example 'Il Regno degli Slavi' (1601), 'History of the Turks' (1650) etc. from the seventeenth century. There are about 200 books from the eighteenth century, the first Serbian magazine (1768) and more than 900 books from the first half of the nineteenth century. The rich archive contains about 4,000 documents.